HIV Intervention Typology

The GHCC team at the University of California San Francisco developed an HIV Intervention Typology that aligns with typologies from UNAIDS, WHO, the Global Fund, and PEPFAR. This typology offers a classification approach for cost studies that facilitates comparison across existing typologies, and allows for a standardized framework in the Unit Cost Study Repository to filter down from the categories of intervention class and intervention type, and on to the specific interventions that UCSR users wish to find. Intervention classes include Prevention, Treatment and Care, Testing, Enablers, Health System, and Infection Control. For example, the intervention of blood safety is found under the intervention class of Prevention and intervention type of “Provider-level Precautions”.. . The process of preparing the intervention typology was to solicit documents with budgeting and programming typologies from the agencies, prepare drafts, obtain feedback (from the agencies, expert advisors, and potential users of GHCC products), and revise. The GHCC team at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine conducted a similar process of defining and categorizing TB interventions, as represented in the first two columns of the Standardized TB Unit Cost Table. Future updates will be incorporated as interventions and typologies evolve.

Last updated: March 9, 2018