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HIV Policy Watch

HIV Policy Watch is the world’s largest repository of published national HIV and TB guidelines. The site maps and analyzes published global and national policies and provides slides and other data in an open data environment.

For more information on country and city-specific progress to meet the Fast Track 90-90-90 goals, please see the HIV policy watch sister sites: Global HIV 90-90-90 Watch and Fast-Track Cities.

TB Modelling and Analysis Consortium (TB-MAC)

TB MAC aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of TB control policy and practice at global and country level by:

1) building stronger and more effective links between decision makers, modelers and economists,

2) creating new high quality modelling resources, and making them available and accessible to decision makers, and

3) enabling better informed decision making communities and modelers, and ensuring TB decision makers are better equipped to integrate these modelling resources in their decision making.